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Sunday, 16 March 2014

postheadericon Potty Training: The Differences Between Girls & Boys

Training a little one to transition from diapers to the potty or the toilet requires that you wait for him or her to be ready. When the child demonstrates an interest, you can get them excited by making it fun and rewarding them for their successes. Just be sure to make regular trips and if accidents happen - which they will - just carry on with the training process. 

Whether you are training a little girl or a little boy, both usually start by sitting on a potty with both feet flat on the floor and legs apart, or on a toilet with a foot stool. Girls may learn more quickly, whereas boys tend to take their time and extra patience is needed when they learn to stand and take aim, while girls need to be taught how to wipe properly - from front to back.

Boys can be taught to aim by using Cheerios as targets. Make it fun by offering a sticker for success!

When more time is spent on the potty or toilet, you can help your little one to relax by playing music and letting them look at books. 

For more information watch this informative video on Potty Training: Girls Vs. Boys.