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Monday, 17 March 2014

postheadericon Four Leaf Clover Fun Facts From Stylish Vintage Baby

A four leaf clover is recognized around the world as a symbol of good luck...

  • On average, one four leaf clover can be found in 10,000 shamrocks.
  • Some believe that finding a four leaf clover will bring fame, wealth, health and a faithful relationship.
  • In the Middle Ages, children believed they could see fairies if they found a four leaf clover.
  • The Guinness world record holder for the largest collection of four leaf clovers had 111,060 clovers collected since 1999.
  • The most four leaf clovers found in the fastest time was set on May 20, 2010 with three four leaf clovers discovered in just 20 minutes.
  • Abraham Lincoln forgot his four leaf clover on the day he was assassinated.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte escaped an assassination attempted when he stooped down to pluck a four leaf clover he noticed on the ground.
  • In rare cases, clover with more than five leaves have been found.
  • The world record for most leaves ever discovered on a clover stem was 18 but that record was broken in 2008 when a 21 leaf clover was discovered.
  • In western cultures, the hope, faith, luck and love are represented by each of the four leaves on a clover.

Happy St. Patrick`s Day from Stylish Vintage Baby!