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Thursday, 12 June 2014

postheadericon Going Against The Grain: Buying Heirloom Quality to Last a Lifetime

We live in a largely disposable society. On average, each human produces over 100 tons of trash over the course of a lifetime. Adopting an heirloom-mindset goes against the mentality of a disposable society but think of this: When we buy quality products that are made to last we are increasing the demand for quality, well-made items. If we as individuals make the switch, we can slowly effect cultural change.

When you are looking to make a purchase, ask yourself:

Is this going to end up in the trash in a year or two or will it be useful and treasured for years to come? 

Look for items that have durable finishes, are made from real wood (not veneers), can be easily repaired when the need arises. Avoid items that look good on the surface but will wear out quickly and are difficult and even impossible to repair.

Heirloom quality items do cost more upfront but they are built to last - for your lifetime and even longer. Your descendants may well be able to use the same items years from now. Choosing quality items helps to reduce your trash output, is less expensive over the span of a lifetime and can be passed on as meaningful heirlooms to your children and grandchildren.
Wednesday, 28 May 2014

postheadericon Bamboo Diapers: Good For Baby & Good For the Earth

Based on rough calculations, if you change your baby six times a day until the age of three, you will use over 6000 disposable diapers. Think of the impact on our landfills for families with more than one child!

With that in mind, many parents are exploring options for using reusable diapers made from a combination of bamboo and cotton with disposable liners. The big benefit of bamboo is that it is super absorbent and also hypoallergenic - not to mention the environmental benefits.

Bamboo diapers allow you to purchase as many waterproof outer shells as you require, so this can even work for super busy parents. There are many attractive designs available so you can mix and match with your baby's outfits. You simply insert a flushable, biodegradable bamboo/cotton liner and change and wash the outer cover as needed. 

Bamboo/cotton reusable diapers are perfect for delicate newborn skin, offering breathable fabric and soft elasticized waistbands and side tabs that can adjusted as your baby grows. Bamboo will keep your baby warm and dry, trapping wetness in the core and away from sensitive skin, with double gussets to prevent leaks.

Although disposable diapers offer a lot in terms of convenience, the environmentally-friendly aspects of bamboo diapers combined with the benefits to baby have many parents making the switch.

Friday, 16 May 2014

postheadericon Why Are Organic Babies Toys Best?

Organic baby toys are made from natural materials like wood and cotton wool. Most organic toys are simple and designed to encourage creative play and learning. Some non-organic baby toys pose health risks even though they are labeled as non-toxic. In fact, only a decade ago all metal toy jewelry was recalled due to lead content - a scary discovery given that babies tend to put everything in their mouth.

By choosing organic toys you can reduce your baby's exposure to toxins, pollutants and chemicals and make an eco-friendly choice since metal and plastic toys are not biodegradable and contribute to pollution, harming the environment.
Monday, 5 May 2014

postheadericon Tips For Choosing Stuffed Animal Toys For Little Ones

Little ones love curling up with soft and cuddle stuffed animals and many will
keep their treasured buddies for a lifetime. Of course, not all toys are made to last, so here are some tips for choosing the safest, most durable toys that children can enjoy for years to come:

  • 100% organic fleece is soft, cuddly and safe for the tiniest little hands to cuddle and love. Best of all, it's machine washable.
  • Look for seams that are completely sewn 
  • Outer features - eyes, nose and mouth - should be secured with safety hardware.
  • Any clothing or accessories should be made from equally safe, child-friendly materials.
  • Pay special attention to make sure there are no removable pieces that could be a choking hazard.
  • Avoid toys treated with chemical flame-retardants. Natural fibers are best. 

Vintage baby toys can tug at our heartstrings, but use caution when purchasing vintage toys that will be used for more than display. Safety regulations in the past were not as stringent as they are today, so take care to educate yourself when choosing stuffed animal toys for little ones. Organic stuffed animals are often hand-crafted and special attention is given to safety, so many parents opt for these products for their children.
Sunday, 30 March 2014

postheadericon Spring-Inspired Names for Baby

Many vintage names are seasonal - related to the weather or inspired by nature and names are inspired by spring including flowers, butterflies, rain and the color green. 

If you are expecting a spring baby, here are some great baby names, just perfect for this season...

Girls Names:

  • Cerelia 
  • Azalea
  • Chloris
  • Primavera
  • April
  • Chloe
  • Dahlia
  • Midori
  • Verde
  • Apioni
  • Caprina
  • Mariposa
  • Lotus
  • Fleur
  • Saffron
  • Fontanne
  • Avril
  • Calla
  • Ivy
  • Pascala
  • Haruko
  • Willow
  • Maia

Boys Names:
  • Kell
  • Aviv
  • Cedar
  • Hawk
  • Jarek
  • Alvern
  • Denver
  • Vermont
  • Tal
  • Phoenix
  • Atherton
  • Wells
  • vernon
  • Haru
  • Forrest
  • River
  • Maj

Monday, 17 March 2014

postheadericon Four Leaf Clover Fun Facts From Stylish Vintage Baby

A four leaf clover is recognized around the world as a symbol of good luck...

  • On average, one four leaf clover can be found in 10,000 shamrocks.
  • Some believe that finding a four leaf clover will bring fame, wealth, health and a faithful relationship.
  • In the Middle Ages, children believed they could see fairies if they found a four leaf clover.
  • The Guinness world record holder for the largest collection of four leaf clovers had 111,060 clovers collected since 1999.
  • The most four leaf clovers found in the fastest time was set on May 20, 2010 with three four leaf clovers discovered in just 20 minutes.
  • Abraham Lincoln forgot his four leaf clover on the day he was assassinated.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte escaped an assassination attempted when he stooped down to pluck a four leaf clover he noticed on the ground.
  • In rare cases, clover with more than five leaves have been found.
  • The world record for most leaves ever discovered on a clover stem was 18 but that record was broken in 2008 when a 21 leaf clover was discovered.
  • In western cultures, the hope, faith, luck and love are represented by each of the four leaves on a clover.

Happy St. Patrick`s Day from Stylish Vintage Baby!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

postheadericon Potty Training: The Differences Between Girls & Boys

Training a little one to transition from diapers to the potty or the toilet requires that you wait for him or her to be ready. When the child demonstrates an interest, you can get them excited by making it fun and rewarding them for their successes. Just be sure to make regular trips and if accidents happen - which they will - just carry on with the training process. 

Whether you are training a little girl or a little boy, both usually start by sitting on a potty with both feet flat on the floor and legs apart, or on a toilet with a foot stool. Girls may learn more quickly, whereas boys tend to take their time and extra patience is needed when they learn to stand and take aim, while girls need to be taught how to wipe properly - from front to back.

Boys can be taught to aim by using Cheerios as targets. Make it fun by offering a sticker for success!

When more time is spent on the potty or toilet, you can help your little one to relax by playing music and letting them look at books. 

For more information watch this informative video on Potty Training: Girls Vs. Boys.